15 Cornerstone Ct, #1, Plantsville, CT 06479

15 Cornerstone Ct, #1, Plantsville, CT 06479

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Bleaching for Life Program

Join Our Bleaching for Life Program Today!
Plantsville Family Dental is happy to introduce you to our new teeth whitening program!!

Be more confident everyday with your smile! Your smile says more about you than any other physical feature – it is the first thing other people notice.

Imagine the difference a whiter smile can make for you!

We are happy to introduce our new Bleaching for Life program and look forward to helping you keep your smile bright and beautiful for lifetime! With the Bleaching for Life program, Plantsville Family Dental will start with an in chair bleaching session. Then we will take impressions of your teeth, make you custom trays, and give you a start-up bleaching kit for a one time enrollment fee of only $475. This is a savings of more than $200! Our Bleaching kit is a QUICK, SAFE, & EFFECTIVE way to whiten your teeth. Our whitening gel offers the power of professional white and often provides results after JUST ONE NIGHT! With continued use optimum natural whiteness usually occurs after a week to 10 days of treatment. You will then receive a FREE touch-up tube of bleaching gel at each of your 6 month preventive visits for life!*

Free whitening gel for life that will keep your smile beautiful and bright! What’s the catch? Just great preventative follow up and care!

1. You need to come in for your six-month preventive care visits. 

We care about your long-term dental health and keeping up with your regular 6-month checkups greatly reduces the chances of dental problems and emergencies. Our Bleaching for Life program is offered as an additional benefit to our patients who are committed to their long-term dental health.

2. Cancellation or changing an appointment needs to be given within 24 hours of your appointment.

It’s as simple as that!

If you are a current patient and are interested in enrolling in our Bleaching for Life program, please call our office at 860-621-2700.