15 Cornerstone Ct, #1, Plantsville, CT 06479

15 Cornerstone Ct, #1, Plantsville, CT 06479

Patient Reviews


A dentist who truly cares about his patients...

"My family and I have been going to Dr. DeRienzo for many years. He is a kind, caring, and professional dentist who truly cares about his patients. If you have pain or an issue with your teeth, he'll get you in right away. He calls or texts after a procedure to see how you (or your kids) are feeling. The staff is friendly and the practice has a family feel. I highly recommend Plantsville Family Dental. "

March 4, 2016

Renee Gilroy

Excellent Experience

"I've been going to Dr. DeRienzo for 35+ years and have never had a bad experience. Dr. DeRienzo and his staff have always made every effort to make me feel comfortable with procedures that were necessary by explaining everything at a level that is understandable to someone with little knowledge of dentistry. Have had everything from crowns and fillings to cleanings. I've always been able to get an appointment that fit my schedule and they have always been prompt with taking me in at the time I was scheduled for. Thank you to you and your staff."

March 5, 2016

Terrence Grella

Dr. DeRienzo has my trust.

"I have gone to Dr. DeRienzo since the 1980s and I wouldn't go to anyone else. He always talks to me through whatever the procedure is to let me know what is happening or going to happen. That way I'm not nervous. The procedure is always pain-free. This weekend I had an emergency and he saw me right away."

March 10, 2016

Dale Deckert

Excellent Practice

"I've been going to Plantsville Family Dental for a few years now after switching for another in-town practice. I originally switched due to extreme pain that lasted more than 2 weeks and after being constantly told of numerous problems that my teeth have. Dr. Derienzo has been great to work with. He points out potential problems, shows me actual x-rays and listens to my opinion. I have had no lingering pain with any procedures."

October 24, 2016

Jon Cassan

5 stars for everything. They are great.

"We have been a customer with Plantsville Family Dental for well over 15 years now, and we actually followed him over from his Woodbury practice. He does great work, and the whole staff there is very customer service oriented. What really impresses me about Dr. DeRienzo though, is his honesty. He tells you exactly what is needed with no fluff work added, or unnecessary adjustments tossed in. He's just straightforward, and he truly has the patients best interest in mind. I also really like that he gives options on what to do, what not to do, what happens if I don't, and then he backs off. He lets me decide, and I really appreciate that. Another great aspect about him is that he leaves himself open and actually makes time for emergencies. They call right back get you right in, and they don't schedule the emergency for a month out.
He's reliable, dependable, and available for his patients, and I have always been very pleased with everything. The work is great, the service is amazing, and I absolutely recommend them very highly."

November 2, 2016

Priscilla C.

Was a patient for about 10 years, Dr. DeRienzo is one of the best dentists I've ever had.

Dr. DeRienzo over at Plantsville Family Dental is great, probably one of best dentists I've ever dealt with. Everyone in the office was fine, the entire time I was with them I had a good experience there. I was probably a patient for a good 10 years. The only reason I stopped going to them was because I moved out of the area. The price for dental work was reasonable and they made dental experiences rather pleasant compared to what I'm dealing with now! I wish I could find a dentist like Dr. DeRienzo here in SC, I haven't been able to do so yet. With that being said I highly recommend going to Plantsville Family Dental, they're great. 

November 14, 2016

James Galatro

Excellent Dental Experience

"I recently had an appointment with Plantsville Family Dental. The name Plantsville Family Dental is spot on in terms of its name as you feel like family from the caring and concern displayed by everyone from the dental assistants to the hygienist to the office administration. I found Dr. DeRienzo to provide quality dental care as well as explaining clearly all the options regarding a problematic tooth I was dealing with on my most recent visit while still being sensitive to my financial considerations. He is even available by personal cell should I need to leave a message after office hours which is something unheard of with other dentists I visited before finding Dr. DeRienzo. I can't recommend this group of dental professionals highly enough!"

December 12, 2016

Todd Therrien

Outstanding Family Dentist

"My family and I have been going to Dr. DeRienzo's office for 20-25 years. He treats my brother, my mother, and my father; he treated my grandparents; and I still travel home from Boston, MA, whenever I need to see a dentist. The doctor and his staff are always friendly and professional. No-one looks forward to every dentist appointment, but I always know I'm in good hands."

January 31, 2017

Jonathan Wooding

A great, caring, and friendly practice I'd recommend to anyone!

"I have now been a patient at Plantsville Family Dental for a few years and I'm very happy with the service I've received. After moving to Connecticut, I had procrastinated finding a new dentist for too long and came here after it couldn't be ignored any longer. The entire staff is super friendly and was judgment-free. Dr. DeRienzo kept me in the loop every step of the way, showing me pictures of my teeth during the process, and has included me in the decisions on how to proceed.
The hygienist has a great personality and makes the time fly while getting my teeth cleaned. I never have issues setting up an appointment and never experience significant delays at my appointments. They always take my insurance budget into account when scheduling work to keep me from getting unexpected bills. My wife now also comes here and is also very happy with the decision. I highly recommend Plantsville Family Dental to anyone looking for a new dentist or looking for a change." 

July 18, 2017

Jim Gruenbacher

Excellent Experience, Family Oriented

"Great family dentist! I've been going to Dr. DeRienzo since I was a kid (probably almost 25 years now, if not more) along with several other members of my family. It is easy to tell he is always very interested in his patients based on the many years of conversations we've had that seem to continue from one visit to the next."

July 21, 2017

Chris Kopcha

Friendly Service, Always On Schedule

I've been going to Plantsville Family Dental for a couple of years now and I think that it's a good dental service. Whenever I go in they're always on schedule and the service is friendly. I've never had any issues with them whatsoever and plan on continuing to use their service.

May 15, 2018

Richard Madden

I'm no longer afraid

"Plantsville Family Dental is the place to go. I was once terrified of going for dental care. But Dr. DeReinzo & his
staff have made me feel comfortable. The staff is dependable. The service is experienced & caring. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone & everyone"

October 26, 2018

Sherri Kulas

They're awesome

"Plantsville Family Dental are absolutely awesome, I've already recommended them several times. I've been going to Dr. DeRienzo for twenty years now, and I couldn't be happier. I really enjoy the cozy environment of the office, everyone is very friendly and all the staff knows you by your first name. I found that the prices were comparable to the competition, and in some cases can even be much less!"

January 15, 2019

Anthony Senatore

Definitely Recommend

"Dr. DiRienzo and his staff are all wonderful. Very welcoming and friendly. They all do a great job, whether it's a routine cleaning or a more involved procedure. Dr. DiRienzo is thoughtful and precise. He is conservative with treatment and does not recommend unnecessary procedures, but helps you make an informed decision. I would definitely recommend Plantsville Family Dental!"

January 19, 2019

Sarah Cotella

With each visit, I have received excellent care.

"Every visit results in the excellent care of my teeth and gums. Even though my oral history looks bleak with potential problems in the future, the PFD staff have presented me with a solid plan to help me keep a clean oral future. Starting with my first abscess in January 1997, the PFD have always been available for help."

February 6, 2019

Richard Hill